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If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t Creative!

There has been a shift from established business models failing in the recent past, to new innovative and digital savvy establishments. Recently businesses have shut shop temporarily and they are uncertain when will they open for customers. Lack of Sale and low footfalls have impacted the business owners to sustain the turmoil affecting the staff and management.

But what about those businesses who made creative changes to their business and services. They found a entirely new customer base via network and marketing, reaching out to the right buyers of their services. Idea is to be "Creative". If you do not create a strategy and re-design your products to suit the present environment, you can be out of business.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy ( help you redesign your business strategies, create sustainability and drive growth to a deliverable business model. To begin with, following steps should be taken by the business owners themselves:

  1. Understand what your customer wants

  2. Are you in a Market Price War or Delivering High Quality Product / Services

  3. If you are in a Price War and a Volume based industry, work on your resources and cost of production

  4. Is your cash flow healthy?

  5. Financial restructuring

  6. Brand of service / product needs to be developed

  7. If FMCG, then packaging needs attention

  8. Marketing! Marketing! Marketing.

  9. Improve Communication, it will help your CRM

  10. Work tight, deliver right!

  11. End of the day, its only Sales Volumes - rest is poetry

Our Business Restructuring Programs are Customized and Result Oriented.

You can send your inquires to or log on to for a complimentary 30 minutes consultation free.

Remember the Success of a Company solely depends on the management and the owners (in the case of private co.) Act smart, connect with us to speed your business to high growth.

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